Go on a Humio Log Management Date with Netic


During a free two-hour Humio Date with one of Netic's log management consultants, you get the chance to elaborate on your thoughts and ideas for your company in relation to collection and management of log files. Together we discuss your needs for future operations and maintenance of a log management solution. 

As we go a long, we use a blackboard to brainstorm and sketch our ideas, and together we create the best possible architecture for you. This narrows our focus and provides insights into the possibilities of log management for your company.

What you get

After our Humio Date, you will receive a report with our recommendations for your future work with log management. You can choose to simply go along with that, or you can use it as a foundation for your future collaboration with us. 

If interested, please fill out the form and we will contact you to set up our Humio Date.